Roof Inspection Checklist: Avoid Problems Early

Posted on 1st Mar 2017

As a professional Gilmore roofing company, we know what to look for when it comes to your roof. However, as a homeowner, it can almost be impossible to know whether there’s something wrong with your roof and what roofing service you need. You may need roof repairs, roof restoration or even reroofing. But what do you look for? What are the signs that your roof needs attention? We’ve put together this easy to follow checklist to help you inspect your roof.


What to look for

Roofs are constructed of different materials and each one attracts its own set of problems. The following is just a general guide and it is always best to call in a professional roofing company for an expert assessment.

  • Are there broken roof tiles? - If the answer is yes, note down how many broken roof tiles there are and their location.
  • Inspect the roof surface - Look for extensive mould, rust, moss, warping, buckling and lichen.
  • Are there other signs of damage?  -  Look for blocked or broken gutters and downpipes. Structural deformations, standing water, dirt and debris are other signs that your roof needs the attention of a professional.

Make notes of all areas of concern so you can either monitor them or give detailed inforamtion to your roofer.


The Next Step

If you have identified problems with your roof call in the experts. If you are looking for a Gilmore roofing company, contact All Aspects Roofing. We have over 15 years of experience in the roofing industry and offer a whole range of roofing services to Gilmore and surrounds including roof repairs, reroofing, guttering and skylight installation.